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Are You Looking to Buy or Sell Your Home?

You have your eye on a new home, but you aren’t sure of your legal needs? Or you are selling your house, and you know you need a lawyer immediately? Navigating the legal side of a house change can be complicated. 

We understand. There is a lot to deal with with the legal side of real estate. The truth is, you shouldn’t have to worry about the details. Our lawyers are here to walk you through the documents.

You want a smooth process, and Alloy LLP can make it easy for you.

Why Use Alloy for Real Estate

In the Nitty Gritty

Discuss the Details

There are many steps to a real estate purchase or sale. With many steps comes many documents. We work with you to understand the legal contracts you are signing. We want you to be in the know.

count on us

Time with Your Lawyer

You deserve to be heard. You get to spend face-to-face time with a lawyer when you use Alloy LLP. You get the opportunity to ask all the questions you need.  You shouldn’t feel lost.

Know the price

Flat Fee Pricing

When you work with a lawyer, the price can be a concern. However, we offer a specific price for each real estate deal so you don’t have to worry. Your deal should be straightforward in all aspects. 

Our Real Estate Process

Step 1: Get a Quote

Talk to us as soon as possible. We want to answer the most important question, what is the price? We have standard rates for all of our real estate deals, and we want to start your process quickly.

Step 2: Let Us Handle the Details

We have an extensive process to make sure your documents are filed properly. You want to own or sell your house. We will handle the work.

Step 3: Your House is Secured

You get to walk away happy! You can leave with a smile knowing the legal work is done correctly. Your house has been sold or it is time to move in.

Don't Let the Work Go Unfinished

If the paperwork isn’t done correctly, you can run into problems in the future. There should be no question from the government or the bank of the owner of the home. Don’t get lost in the headaches of a wrongly filed document. 

It is why at Alloy LLP we work through a detailed process so nothing gets left behind. We also walk through your documents with you, so you aren’t left confused. A real estate purchase or sale should be easy for you. Let us help with that.

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